Do you have some farm raised animals ready for the freezer? Our homekill/mobile butchery service is the answer for you.

The Fridge is an MPI registered dual operator butchery, which means we can slaughter and process your animals that you have taken time and effort to get to the freezer stage.

We have a driver on the road for the on farm slaughter service. The less stress an animal has prior to slaughter increases the chance of a lower pH resulting in tender succulent meat. Because we understand this, and have a genuine empathy for both animal and owner, our homekill butchers do their upmost to ensure the best, quickest and safest outcome.

We are happy to visit your property to look over your animals if you are unsure that they are ready or not. Our team has years of combined experience within the meat, farming and hunting sectors and are willing to assist.

A cattle beast is a big investment for many. To guarantee the best tasting meat, the first phase (growing it out) is up to you, the farmer. After that is where we come in! We will hang your beast to age for a minimum of 10 days to ensure the meat is as tender as it can be.

The fridge team can home kill almost any animal including cattle, sheep, pigs, deer, alpaca, goats and ostrich.

Of course, you can also kill your own domestic or wild game animal and bring it in to process! Please make sure they are skinned, gutted and in a presentable condition (i.e. no faecal matter or fly eggs). They will be inspected upon arrival. We also accept your salmon and trout and can hot smoke these for you.

Once the carcase is on site at our butchery, the team will work through our processing sheet with you so that you get the best from your animal. All of the small goods are done on site, which means no meat leaves our premises until you pick it up (or arrangements done to deliver).

Our small goods include a huge range of sausages, most of which are gluten free, and we can also accommodate nitrite and sulphite free processing if requested. We also do salamis, bacon, saveloys and corned meats.

  • Please note: the slaughter charge on our processing sheets is part of the slaughter/processing combo. If you wish to have us slaughter only, please contact us for a quote.

Bookings for slaughter are essential. However Mercy kills will be performed ASAP.



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